The Wrap Up of 2014 Promotions from the USPS

Yesterday, we shared the DMA’s release of the new 2014 USPS promotions.  Today, we are going to share with you the second half of what the USPS has planned for next year.

Thanks, again, to the Direct Mail Association for supplying the list of promotions from the USPS that we are sharing with you below:

August 1- September 30 —    Emerging Technology-NFC.
Mail pieces which use near field communication chips allowing for integrating mail with digital technologies will merit 2% discounts at the time of mailing. “Near Field Communication is used for mobile payments and we see an opportunity here where people can come home, open a mail piece and immediately make a purchase with a mobile device,” Foti says. The registration for this promotion is June 15-September 30.

Finally, November 1 – December 31 of 2014 — Mail Drives Mobile Commerce
This discount is an upfront two percent discount on mail pieces that include a mobile barcode or similar technology that can be read or scanned by a mobile device to lead the recipient to a shopping site. Qualifications for this promotion are as follows:
The piece must contain text near the link with instructions and information about the landing page. If customers meet a certain Priority Mail threshold as a result of increased merchandise shipping, they will receive an additional 1% off. The registration for this promotion runs from September 15-December 31.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


** Source: The USPS and the DMA.**


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