Three Reasons why Print is Powerful

Print marketing reaches an audience in a way that cannot be easily ignored or lost in the clutter of digital messaging.  Today, we’re going to discuss three reasons why print marketing is a valuable asset.

First, print gets your audience’s attention.  With what seems like thousands of daily emails, text messages, web page visits, e-newsletters, and Facebook posts, print offers an escape from those messages and is a welcomed break.  In fact, over 60 percent of people reported that they prefer and enjoy receiving print messages.  Printed communication that is cleverly conceived will stand out. In today’s fast-paces society, print is relatively ‘quiet’ and that spells welcome relief to many consumers.

Furthermore, print is target and gets delivered where you want.  Just as digital messaging can be targeted to specific portions of your target audience, so too can printed messages.  Through the use of database management and Variable Data Printing, print marketing can not only get delivered directly  into the palm of your target audience’s hands, but it also can deliver a relevant and enticing message that is more likely to see a response from the recipient.  Today, consumers expect relevant messages — they’re no longer satisfied receiving messages that may or may not pertain to their interests.

And, finally, people are more emotional about print.  Print has the ability to evoke strong emotions from people.  People feel more attached to printed messages they receive than digital messages.  Printed messages are also more likely to stick around.  Almost a quarter of print messages are saved and stored in a place for the recipient to come back and use at a later time.

The very tactile nature of print renders it more personal than a digital message.  Print takes more time and effort than a digital message and most consumers know this and appreciate this fact.  Print is power and print gets results.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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