Three Tips to Increasing your QR Code Response Rate

QR codes add an additional touch point for your brand to communicate with your target audience — but only if the consumer chooses to scan your 2D barcode.  There are a few different ways you can increase the number of people who scan and spend time with your code’s landing page.

First — add a powerful incentive.  Offer your recipients a special offer that is valuable enough for the consumers to take their time to scan the code and receive the brand’s special deal.  Be sure to include the reason people should scan your code somewhere prominent on your printed materials to let people know what benefits they’ll receive by scanning the code.

Secondly, provide simple, easy instructions near the code — be sure your audience understands what’s expected of them when they scan the code and why it’s going to benefit them when they choose to scan the code and view the digital landing page.

Finally, create a mobile landing page.  If your landing page is simply a link to a desktop landing page it will take much longer to load on a small mobile screen — and given that the average mobile user will only wait 5 to 7 seconds for a page to load before moving on, your message may not be seen if it takes too long for them to load the page.

Once you’ve included these tips in your QR code marketing campaign your scan rate will not only most likely increase, but it’ll also offer you the opportunity to better track and measure your campaign to use that data to create more targeted messages and campaigns in the future.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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