Three Uses for QR Codes in Your Next Campaign

QR codes add an additional element to your printed messages — furthering engagement between its recipient and the brand.  Today, we’re going to share with your a few strategic ways to include QR codes in your marketing mix — from landing pages to unique placement.

Use location-based marketing to create a landing page that give directions to your establishment. This tactic works especially well for restaurants/coffee houses in urban areas.  Placing QR codes on Bus stops, Metro and Subway transportation and on flyers posted around the city, allows people to scan the code and find out exactly how to get to your place of business.  For example, a coffee house in Seattle placed QR Codes on their public transportation that not only showed people where to locate them, but also allowed them to order online and pay and simply walk into the coffee house and pick up their coffee and leave — helping commuters shrink the commute time and ultimately tripled their ROI for the month.

Use mobile-landing pages only. There really is no good reason to use a desktop version of your desired landing page.  When a person visits your landing page on their mobile device, they allow only 5 to 7 seconds of load time — if your landing page is a large desktop page, it’s going to take more time to load and if it takes too long, potential customers are going to drop off.  Additionally, even if the desktop site loads, it’s hard to navigate on a small screen without scrolling and zooming in on the links a person wants to click on.  Mobile landing pages are clean and easy to navigate, load quickly and ultimately give the consumer what they need to see with ease.

Try to personalized your landing pages. Just as you can personalize the printed content of a direct mail piece, you can also personalize the digital landing page of a QR Code.  By combing QR codes, pURL and VDP technology you can print QR Codes that lead to a personalized URL landing page when the user scans the code on their direct mail piece.

QR codes add another dimension to your direct mail and printed pieces — they increase engagement and give you an additional space to give more details regarding your product or service.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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