Use Print to Reach Your Target Audience

Print marketing is a tangible way to bring your message directly into the palm of your target audience’s hands.  With digital media, you are able to send email or texts instantly, but because of the mass amount of digital messages being sent, there are fewer digital messages being opened — in fact, digital messaging open rates have decreased over the past decade according to Print is Big.

Furthermore, if you have a small enough list or are able to reduce your database into small, highly segmented groups, you can create and send handwritten notes and post cards.  This works especially well for small businesses — from a thank you note simply for being a customer to a hand-written invitation to an upcoming event.  Hand writing a card takes time — and the recipient will know that — which adds much more value to your message than if it was a simple email.

Additionally you can combine your print and digital messages using QR codes, you can easily combine the two communication methods and increase your engagement rate between your message and its recipient.  You’d be able to track what people are clicking on and, form there, understand how to best follow up with your customer.

Finally, be consistent with all of your messages — from print to digital.  Both print and digital media have their advantages and to increase your reach and frequency it’s important to include both forms of communication to increase the number of touch points between brand and consumer.  But, whether you’re sending print or digital messages, your messages should be consistent with one another.  Your messages do not have to be identical, but the overall look, feel and call-to-action should be cohesive across all forms of communication.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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