Use Print to Reach Your Target Market

There is value in every form of marketing, but today we are going to focus on how direct mail and print marketing can enhance your cross media campaign.  According to Marketing Research Insight, magazine print ads have a higher engagement rate than both television and web marketing.  Furthermore, printed messages drive over 60 percent of brand-related online searches.

One of the greatest advantages of print and direct mail is that it can be highly targeted.  Through the use of Variable Data Printing and an up-to-date database each direct mailing can be designed to relate directly to a group of like-minded individuals in your target audience.  When a direct mailing is relevant and includes technologies such as QR codes or pURLs, the average response rate can be expected to increase.

Having a web-presence is important, but just because you’re online doesn’t mean people know who you are or will find your brand through competitive digital channels.  This is where direct mail marketing can be a huge driver of web-traffic for your site.   When using QR codes on your mailing you can even bridge the gap between your printed message and your online message simply by having the user scan a code with their smartphone.

Finally, print media is tangible.  Printed messages are not easily ignored with a simple click of the mouse.  In fact, direct mail pieces are read by over 80 percent of the people who receive your message.

Print’s features make it an excellent tool to incorporate into your cross media marketing campaign.  The fact that printed messages drive online traffic and that over 80 percent of direct mailings are read, means that it’s the perfect tool to cut through all of the clutter and reach your target audience.  By combining both digital and print you’re able to reap the benefits of each tool and ultimately increase your return on investment.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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