Using pURLs to Enhance Your Print Messages

Yesterday, we mentioned that one of the ways you can increase your direct mail response rate is by including a personalized URL.  Today, we’re going to discuss not only how to do so, but why it’s beneficial to use pURL technology.

Personalization remains one of the most important ingredients in the cross media marketing mix.  By targeting a precise group of people with an individualized message you are able to cut your overall costs and see an increase in your response rate because you’re communicating information that is directly relevant to your consumer.

To achieve personalized messages, you should start by segmenting your target audience into concise subgroups of people with similar purchasing habits, likes and/or demographics.  Then use VDP to print messages that are unique and relevant to your customer.

To further enhance your personalized print message, use a personalized URL.  By using VDP to print personalized URLs, you’re not only able to communicate individualized printed messages, but you’re also able to engage your recipient for a longer period of time via your personalized digital message that lies within your pURL’s landing page.

Furthermore, personalized URLs allow you to track exactly who is using their pURL and what they are clicking on within the pURL.  Collecting and analyzing this data enables you to follow up with each user according to what they showed the most interest in within their pURL.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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