Using Social Media to Build Your Database

Throughout the week we’ve discussed how print can cut through the clutter, be personalized and gain the attention of your target audience.  But, to create personalized messages, you need a complete database. In addition to the traditional sources of incoming consumer data such as information given at the time of purchase or returned from a customer survey, social media can also help to collect valuable information about your target audience — turning a social site, into a source to grow your database and ultimately your sales.

Whether you’re offering an online contest on your social site that requires users to register and give personal data or you simply request feedback regarding a product or service, with automated marketing system you can collect and store all of that information in one, central location.

In addition to helping collect information, social media outlets can help nurture relationships with your customers as well — by offering unique and valuable content via social media and engaging in two-way dialogue about relevant topics, you can build trust and establish your brand as an expert in the industry — a trusted source of information that people turn to when looking for information on your industry.

Social media and print media can work together to increase response rates, offer your consumer’s personalized messages and ultimately build relationship between your brand and its core audience.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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