USPS Promotions Scheduled for 2013

Thanks to David from Hygrade Business Group, for sharing with us some of the great promotions that the United States Postal Service is currently, or will be offering, to businesses this year.  To participate in any of the six promotions, you will need to sign up in advance at the USPS Gateway site and you will also need to include both an Intelligent Mail barcode as well as electronic documentation.

The first promotion runs from March 1 to April 30 and is the Direct Mail Mobile Coupon promotion.  This particular incentive from the USPS offers a 2 percent upfront discount on First Class and Standard Mail letters, post cards and flats.  Each piece must include a 2D barcode of some kind (Microsoft Tags, QR Codes, etc) and the landing page must be a mobile coupon.

The Second offer runs from April 1 to June 30.  This incentive includes a 2 cent postage credit for each BRM or Business Reply Mail pieces that are scanned in the network.  The USPS hopes to increase the number of BRM pieces distributed in 2013.

The third campaign will not begin again until the end of Summer, August 1 through September 30.  This campaign is pushing Emerging Technologies.  This incentive will include a 2 percent upfront discount on First Class and Standard Mail.  These mailers must include advanced technological features such as Augmented Reality or near-field communication.

The fourth promotion from the USPS runs parallel to the third promotion.  August 1 through September 30 businesses will receive the opportunity to include Picture Permits on their mailers for no fee.

Additionally, during the time period of August 1 through September 30 the USPS will be offering a 5 percent upfront discount for parcel mailings that include a product sample.  Finally, the last discount runs November 1 through December 31 and is pushing Mobile “Buy-it-now” technology.  This promotion from the USPS is timed for the 2013 Holiday Season and offers a 2 percent upfront discount to businesses who chose to participate.  The discount will be valid for companies that use First Class or Standard Mail that include a mobile barcode with a landing page that is a mobile shopping website for people to purchase products directly from their phones.

Thanks again to David, from Hygrade Business Group, for sharing this information with us so we could share it with you!  Happy Savings!

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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