“Value of Print” Television Ad & “In Focus” Segment

There is power in print media — it’s targeted, it’s tangible, it breaks through the clutter and ultimately enables your brand’s message to be heard.  Printing Industries of America  released their “Value of Print” campaign video last week on National television on Fox Business Network multiple times throughout Thursday and Friday.

In addition to the television commercial, Vice President of Marketing at Printing Industries of America, Lisa Rawa, shared that there would also be a segment on the Public Television show, “In Focus” with Martin Sheen.  The program illustrated how the printing industry is continually breaking new ground in our product’s sustainability and in its ability to reach a brand’s target audience and ultimately allows a brand’s message to be heard by its intended audience.

We’re excited to share the “In Focus” segment with you, which can be viewed by clicking the video below:

In case you were unable to catch the new television advertisement from Printing Industries of America, we’ve also provided that video below — which can be viewed by clicking the video below.








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