Value of Quick Response Codes

QR codes enable a printed message to not only become interactive and increase engagement amongst users, but they also allow a message to easily be tracked and measured for future campaign success.  By combing QR codes with a printed message you’re reaping the benefits of both forms of media.  Print breaks through the digital clutter and QR codes allow for better tracking ability and increased engagement once the user visits the code’s landing page.

QR codes provide instant measurement.  The moment that someone scans a code, their movements can be tracked and measured.  Everything from what they choose to click on to what content they spend the most and least time interacting with. Additionally, depending on the tracking software, some QR codes can offer the geographic location of the person scanning the code; offering the knowledge of which codes have the highest traffic and engagement rate.  Knowing this information enables your brand to create more accurate and relevant messages in the future.

QR codes increase engagement.  One in five QR code scans lead to a person making a purchase, but what’s more than that is that the moment a person scans the code, they’re highly engaged with your brand and willing to spend more time seeking out additional information about your product or service.

QR codes create an easy bridge between the online and offline world.  With 60 percent of online searches stemming from offline messages, its even more important to have the ability to be transferred from a printed message to an online message with one quick scan.  As technology continues to advance, print and digital media continue to better complement one another in reaching and engaging a brand’s target audience.

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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