What’s the Value of a pURL?

Personalized URLs, or pURLs, enable your brand’s message to not only be a more personalized print message, but it also increases engagement through a digital platform and adds an additional personalized touch point with your consumer via the pURLs landing page.

Personalized URLs can give your customers a taste of what your printed message is promoting.  By placing a video or photo album on the pURL, the customer can not only get more information regarding your brand’s product or service, but it will also engage your customer with your message for a longer time frame as well.

Secondly, pURLs help your printed message ‘go viral.’  Or, in other words, allow your consumers to easily share your message once they log on to their personalized URL.  Angela Bandlow, VP of Marketing at Extole, reported that “PURLs can be easily pasted into any sharing channel — blogs, instant messages, Facebook and Twitter, etc. — providing a simple and very flexible sharing option for consumers.”  With pURLs, your printed message can be spread and shared easily through online media — increasing the reach of your brand’s message.

Finally, personalized URLs can be measured and tracked and the data gathered by the pURL can be used for creating more targeted and relevant future marketing messages.  One of the unique aspects regarding pURLs when measuring their effectiveness is you’re actually able to not only see how many people clicked through, how long they spend with certain information, but you’re also able to see precisely who clicked through and what they were interested in, allowing the sales team to follow up with individuals with more relevant and targeted information.

Personalized URLs help to bridge the gap between print and digital — ultimately increasing reach, frequency and consumer engagement.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association




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