What’s the Value of Personalized Marketing

Aside from the fact that studies show personalized marketing increases your campaign’s response rates, personalization also has other benefits for both the brand and the consumers who are receiving your message.

Personalized communication makes converting your potential consumers into paying consumers easier.  By analyzing and sorting your database, you already know and can create and send targeted messages to an audience who is more likely to buy and therefore, makes converting them to paying customers easier.  Using your consumer data to send targeted and relevant messages you’re removing the need for the marketing touch points that determine what and when your audience is most interested in purchasing your product or service.

Personalization creates an easier path to nurturing leads.  When you tailor your messages and content to your customer’s preferences, this allows for a stronger relationship between your customer and your brand.  It shows your customers that your organization really knows their customers and their interests. By understanding your audiences’ needs, your sales team can follow up with more targeted and effective communication.

Personalized marketing may be more time consuming to create and send, but it will ultimately not only save you money and increase your responses, but it’ll also create easier follow up opportunities for your sales team to capitalize on.  Marketing is no longer about talking at your customers and hoping they’re listening — it’s about creating a real conversation and relationship with each customer — and through database management systems and VDP, these types of customer relationships become possible.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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