Why Personalize Your Printed Messages?

Variable Data Printing, coupled with an up-to-date database, will ultimately leave you with highly personalized messages and stronger customer relationships.  According to an Info Trends study, marketers can expect to see 33 percent higher direct mail response rates when compared to direct mailings that were not personalized.

Not only can you expect a high response rate when implementing Variable Data Printing and database management techniques, but you can also expect to see your overall revenue up by 31 percent and repeat orders and customer retention up by 47 percent; these stats were also offered by the Info Trends survey. Part of the reason that Variable Data Printing helps to increase your response rates is because it allows you to build a relationship with your customers by offering them information only on things that they may be interested in.

Building relationships with your customers is key when it comes to increasing your overall profits.  By building customer relationships, you’re keeping your brand top-of-mind.  This means, your customer will think of you when they have needs that your company can fulfill.

It is also important to remember that Variable Data Printing is more than having the ability to simply put a name on a direct mailing.  Variable Data Printing allows you to create messages with content that would interest the individual recipient.

If your database shows they like to know about new products or services you offer than relate your message about any new products or services you are offering.  Furthermore, use your direct mailing to collect more information for your database.   Every marketing campaign that you implement should not only be used as a promotional tool, but also as a tool to increase your database for your future campaigns.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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