Why Print?

The internet seems to constantly be flooded with myths regarding print’s effectiveness in a brand’s marketing mix and its environmental impact on the earth.  Today, we’re here to clear some of the common misconceptions regarding the false rumor that “Print is Dead.” Print is far from dead.  Just as with media in the past, when new forms of communication come along, the old do not ‘die’  or ‘go away’ by any means.  The traditional and new media work together to create multiple touch-points with a brand’s target audience and, in turn, increase a message’s reach and frequency.

Digital media is a fantastic way to communicate with a target audience, it’s trackable and instantaneous, but just as quickly as it reaches a consumer, it can be just as easily ignored with one click of a button.  This is why print becomes an important asset in a marketing campaign.  Print media can break through the digital clutter — over 60 percent of people in a DMA study say they prefer print communication from brands over any other marketing method.

Additionally, multiple studies have shown that people tend to trust a printed message over digital messages, with many people admitting that they like to print out bills and still receive them in the mail for their own records.  In fact, a study also showed that printed newspapers were rated by consumers as the most trusted form of advertising and communication methods, with internet ads coming in as the least trusted form of communication between brand and consumer.

A study revealed that 67 percent of people reported that direct mail messages are what most influence them to make a purchase.  Furthermore, with print’s ability to be targeted through the use of database marketing, direct mail can offer higher response rates and lower marketing investments as well.

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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