Why Use QR Codes?

QR codes provide an additional value for your consumers, but if your content is not what they’re interested in, no matter where you place your QR codes, it won’t get scanned.  As with almost everything in marketing, content is king.

Your QR code’s landing page content is just as important and the content of your printed messages. The QR code’s landing page message needs to be worth the time the user took to scan the code, visit your digital page and engage with your brand’s message.

Be sure your code has a clearly defined benefit, such as a discount or offer, which, according to a 2012 Strong Mail Survey, is one of the top reasons that consumers scan a code — followed closely by wanting additional product or service information.  In addition to an offer or special deal, the QR code could instantly download your contact information or provide navigation to your place of business or even an entertaining or informational video.

Because QR codes bring the user to a digital page, QR codes can provide instant measurement.  The moment that someone scans a code, their movements can be tracked and measured in real-time.  Everything from what they choose to click on to what content they spend the most and least time interacting with.

Furthermore, depending on the tracking software, some QR codes can offer the geographic location of the person scanning the code; offering the knowledge of which codes have the highest traffic and engagement rate.  Knowing this information enables your brand to create more accurate and relevant messages in the future.

Additionally, 49 percent of mobile website visits are referred by QR code scans (Strong Mail Study) — proving QR codes not only add value for your consumers, but also for your brand as well. QR codes have the ability to increase engagement and offer insight to what your consumers are most interested in — helping fuel a more targeted campaign in the future and offering knowledge as to how to properly follow up with certain potential consumers.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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