Why Your Marketing Should Be More Customer Centric

We’re in an age where the consumer is more knowledgable than ever — with the internet at their fingertips both at home and on-the-go through mobile searches, the average consumer is a savvy shopper.  To reach this new and smarter audience, it’s important to no longer rely on generic marketing messages and, instead, offer personalized, concise and direct communication through email, direct mail and mobile marketing.

When you personalize your communication, for example, including the name of the recipient in the subject line, the average brand will receive a 58 percent higher open rate and a 5.7 percent higher click through rate. Furthermore, emails that reward current customers (using data collected through loyalty programs) will offer an 11 percent increase in overall revenue (Experian.)

Using personalization to reach out to potential customers and  your current customers will help to ensure your marketing messages are well received by both current and potential customers.

Ultimately, sending individualized emails, direct mail and mobile messages need to be more than just a way to ‘get the consumer in the door.’  Messages need to be sent once the user has committed to your product or service as well.  It’s important to follow up with each customer to ensure they had the best possible experience with your product, service or brand.  This not only makes the consumer feel more welcome and appreciated by your brand, but it also increases loyalty to your brand and serves as a way to ensure repeat purchases.

Customer relationships need to be developed, nurtured and recorded.  If the relationships with your customers are not documented, it will become difficult to offer a personalized experience for each consumer.  Database management tools that can keep customer information stored and organized in one central location are ideal for companies interested in managing and maintaining both personalized marketing tactics and personalized customer relationships.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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