Need help understanding and complying with governmental regulations?


I’m just one person, how can I make my voice heard on issues that are important to me?


Our Government Relations and Advocacy Solutions program provides members with information on key industry issues and the ability to connect with local, state and federal officials to make your views known. 

Most notably, the power of having LOCAL government advocates representing you was made critically apparent by Print & Graphic Communications Association and Graphic Arts Association’s efforts on ensuring that print was deemed ESSENTIAL and remain open for operations during the COVID-19 crisis. #printisessential

Understanding how complex laws and regulations may impact your firm can be arduous and daunting. Our Government Relations and Advocacy Solutions program addresses these concerns. Experienced staff are protecting your ability to conduct business every day. Whether it is in Washington DC, Albany, Philadelphia, Harrisburg, Trenton or Dover, we advocate on your behalf, supporting public policies, legislation, and regulations that will help your business.

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Legislative Action Center

Visit PGCA’s Legislative Action Center to see what issues we are currently advocating response to.

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Print & Graphic Communications Association

Print & Graphic Communications Association and Print Drives America Foundation – Advocating to Preserve Our Industry