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Profit margins continue to be slim. Most printing firms are not of a sufficient size to access the purchasing power normally available to just large companies.


PGCA Essential Business Services allow members to pool buying power and purchase goods and services like companies many times their size. Members enjoy deep discounts on products and services necessary to doing business, often saving far more than the cost of dues.

Solutions for Managers Who Want to Maximize Buying Power

(Owners, Senior Managers, CFO’s, Buyers, HR Managers)

  • PGCA Mailers Council
    If you want your customers to look to you for guidance on postal issues, postal news & MTAC, postage rates or postal
    regulations changes, Print & Graphic Communications Association can help you be an industry expert.
  • Energy Procurement
  • Packsize “On Demand” Packaging Equipment
    Save money on box purchases, shipping costs and valuable floor space.
  • UPS Express & Ground – Email for more information
  • Collection Services
  • Experian Credit Reports
  • Print Releaf Certification – Print Releaf is the only technology platform that measures customers’ paper usage and certifiably reforests that usage on an equivalent basis.


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