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Profit margins continue to be slim. Most printing firms are not of a sufficient size to access the purchasing power normally available to just large companies. PGCA Essential Business Services allow members to pool buying power and purchase goods and services like companies many times their size. Members enjoy deep discounts on products and services necessary to doing business, often saving far more than the cost of dues.

Customized energy solutions to help you meet your energy efficiency and sustainability goals

Discounts on Apple products like iPhones, iMac, iPads and more.  Contact PGCA for link.

Cloud based tax compliance solutions that can help you save time, free up resources and reduce risk

Save up to 40% on your credit card processing fees

Manage energy costs to achieve budget certainty, cost savings and financial protection

45% Discount on Credit Reports

Employment law consulting and legal services through PGCA Association 

PGCA Insurance Partner provides comprehensive coverage, strategic insight and unwavering support 

Rebate Program on Kodak Offset Solutions, Prinergy workflow, service and support

Economical and environmentally compliant service on printer towels, uniforms and mats. Annual rebate and first week free!

Expert guidance from Mailers Hub; webinars and forums discounted for PGCA members

  • Up to 45% savings with annual policy year dividend
  • Safety oversight from Gilroy Kernan & Gilroy, group manager

Advanced, on demand box making equipment installed FREE for PGCA members ($11,000 value)

On demand training on print fundamentals. Over 70 webinars available in 13 tracks.   

Multiple Employer 401(k) Plan (MEP) with member benefits 

  • Reduced fiduciary liability
  • Offload tasks and admin
  • Lower annual expense

Offset your environmental impact through certified reforestation and carbon offset projects

Need FSC®? Our group program makes it affordable and efficient with personal assistance, online templates and training

Discounted Sales Vault subscription with live webinars, templates, scripts and archived content

Discounts on express and ground shipping

For more information, contact Melissa Jones at (856) 308-2851


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Melissa Jones, Co-President
(856) 308-2851

Kim Tuzzo, Marketing and Programs Director
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Gilroy Kernan & Gilroy

Andy Biernat, (315) 624-7819
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