March Short Attention Span Webinar: Tips and Tricks for Working/Selling From Home


11:30 am - 12:00 pm


Bookings closed

Tell someone you work from home and you’re likely to hear them reply, “Must be nice.” In reality, remote work brings on a whole new set of sales challenges. In this Short Attention Span Webinar, two people whose work-from-home experience goes back as far as 1982 provide valuable and instantly-applicable ideas to maximize sales productivity while managing life’s interruptions, barking dogs, and family members who think the “Do not disturb” sign is not meant for them.

Short Attention Span Webinars are quick, powerful programs (15-20 minutes) followed by as much Q&A time as you need. You can stay just for the presentations or take a deeper dive and ask some questions.

SAS Webinars will be held on the second Thursday of every month. Visit for replays of past webinars.

Bill Farquharson is a coach and sales trainer for the graphic arts. He draws on his 40-year sales career to write, speak, and create content. Bill’s Sales Vault features weekly sales workshops, sales challenge discussions, template and script downloads, and archived content for one monthly price (PIA members receive a discount). PIA members get a discount on the Sales Vault subscription!  Visit for details.

As a sales and marketing coach and consultant at Success In Print, and Girl #2 at #GirlsWhoPrint, Kelly Mallozzi advocates for graphic arts companies to maintain the fight to keep print relevant. Kelly is a regular co-host on the #GirlsWhoPrint Podcast along with Deborah Corn. Find Kelly at



Bookings are closed for this event.

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