PGCA and GAA Discuss the Printing United Alliance Withdrawal and Increased Member ROI for PGCA and GAA Members- Webinar


10:30 am - 11:30 am


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Graphic Arts Association and Print & Graphic Communications Association recently announced their withdrawal from Printing United Alliance as their national affiliate and the establishment of a new relationship between the two organizations that will increase the ROI for their membership.

The new relationship between the organizations will provide a variety of positive changes to service offerings including:

  • GAA members will have access to the PIA Human Resources Solutions program
  • PIA members will be able to utilize GAA staff to deal with Environmental, Health, and Safety concerns
  • GAA’s Neographics printing contest, one of the oldest and most prestigious in the industry, will be expanded across the organizations combined footprint of Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, and Delaware.
  • Members will have access to the programs and services of both associations, at member pricing.
  • GAA members will have access to the PIA Legislative Action Center, allowing them to communicate quickly and directly with state and federal legislators on issues of importance to their companies.
  • All expense reducing Group Buying programs will be made available to members of both associations.

What does this mean for your company? How do I access the new services that will be available for members? These are a few of the questions we have received and you may have more. Here is your opportunity to ask them.

Join PIA President Tim Freeman and GAA President Melissa Jones for a brief overview of these subjects, a review of all the services available to members of both organizations and plenty of Q&A.

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