Unlocking Sales Success: An Educational Series on Sales Enablement


12:00 pm - 1:00 pm

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Session registration is full. Additional sessions may be added. Email info@printcommunications.org if interested.


Embark on a transformative journey through a comprehensive 5-session workshop designed to empower sales professionals with cutting-edge strategies and tools in the dynamic landscape of sales enablement. In this immersive program, participants will delve into the core principles of sales enablement, gaining insights into optimizing processes, enhancing collaboration, and leveraging technology for success. Presented by Kelly Mallozzi of Success in Print – https://successinprint.com/.  Kelly is a very popular and widely-known sales trainer, mentor at GirlsWhoPrint.com and also co-host with Bill Farquharson of the monthly Short Attention Span sales webinars.

The sessions will begin January 16th and will run on consecutive Tuesday’s at 12 Noon.  The final wrap-up session will be held on February 13th.  Here’s what will be covered each week:

Session 1: Foundation of Sales Enablement (Jan. 16th at 12 Noon)

Establish a solid groundwork by exploring the fundamentals of sales enablement, including its pivotal role in aligning sales and marketing efforts. Learn to identify key buyer personas and create targeted content that resonates, setting the stage for effective engagement.

Session 2: Hiring, Onboarding and Developing Sales Talent (Jan. 23rd at 12 Noon)

Defining sales roles, crafting job descriptions, onboarding checklists and a comprehensive plan to develop your sales talent will all be covered in this interactive session, with homework and feedback from the group and the facilitator.

Session 3: Strategic Sales Communication (Jan. 30th at 12 Noon)

Master the art of compelling communication as we delve into creating impactful sales messaging. Participants will hone their skills in crafting persuasive narratives, handling objections, and tailoring communication styles to diverse audiences.

Session 4: Measuring Success and Continuous Improvement (Feb. 6th at 12 Noon)

Wrap up the series by understanding available technology (CRMs), key performance metrics and a management blueprint for continued improvement and long-term sales and marketing success. Participants will be equipped with a comprehensive toolkit to navigate the ever-changing sales landscape, driving success and exceeding targets.

Session 6:  Key Takeaways and Immediate Action Items (Feb. 13th at 12 Noon)

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