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The Bully Customer

We work with some wonderful people. We have great clients; clients who become friends. They are appreciative and loyal. But there are some jerks out there as well. Some are rude while others are bullies. As it is not always a choice of whether to work with this less-than-desirable client, we must learn to deal with them. In this  video, Bill Farquharson and Kelly Mallozzi tackle the subject and give you some valuable instruction for navigating these stormy waters.

Building Trust

Would you trust someone who says, “Trust me!”? Then how do you prove to a prospective customer that you are trustworthy? You’ll need to know before your next sales new business call!

She Sells

Two sales people are speaking with a client. One is male and the other female. The woman asks the customer a detailed question pertaining to his business needs. The customer listens and then turns to the man to answer. Fictional story? Nope. I (Bill) was the male sales rep. This month, we turn our Short Attention Span Webinar eyes to women in sales. And guys, if you think this isn’t for you? Go ahead and take the month off…at your own peril. Understanding the female business mind is for everyone.


Of all the skills required to be a successful sales rep, negotiation is the most confrontational and yet, critical to the profitable sale. Let’s talk about how to get your price, when to cave, and when to meet halfway…

New To Sales

Terror and joy, fear and phenomenal. When you first start out in sales, the dichotomy of emotions is palpable. In this special Short Attention Span Webinar, Bill and Kelly give first time sales reps some fundamental advice. if you are NOT new to sales, come anyway to be reminded of the things you SHOULD be doing that you are not.

Sales Fatigue, Burnout and Reset

When a day of rejection becomes a week, then becomes a month, a sales rep can get a little depressed and it’s easy to see how fatigue can turn into full-blown burnout. How do you recover? That’s what Bill Farquharson and Kelly Mallozzi will talk about.

Get That Appointment

Once upon a time, face-to-face appointments were the mainstay of sales. Today, however, it is easier to land Taylor Swift tickets at face value than it is to obtain a meeting with a decision maker. Let’s change that!

Where To Find New Business

You don’t need two highly-qualified sales trainers to convince you of the need to constantly seek new business. However, you might appreciate knowing where to find some great opportunities.

Time Management

While this might seem like a simple topic to cover, revisiting the subject of time management on a regular basis is critical to sales growth. The best of the best know to how to maximize sales productivity.


Motivation. We could all use more of that! Listen to Bill and Kelly’s ideas on where to find it and how to apply it.

How To Make Every Client Feel Like Your Top Account

Ever left a conversation thinking, “Wow. He made me feel like I was the only person in the world?” Or perhaps you had the opposite experience and the person you were talking to was checked out? Every client you have should feel like they are #1.  Making that happen is not an accident. it’s a plan, a strategy and an approach to sales. Come learn how.

Selling in a Recession

It’s coming. The Recession everyone fears is on the horizon. Did you know the economy is actually in a Recession before experts confirm its existence? Did you know you can get started with a sales strategy right now? Did you know you can actually thrive and not just survive? You will get answers to all questions.

A Practical Guide to Posting on LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn is a great idea to stay in touch and share your message, but do you know what you should be posting? How often you should post? Whether you should repeat and comment?

Getting to the Next Level

No matter where you are in your sales journey, another level of success awaits. You can get there by adding hours to your workday or you can take the lessons from this exclusive member benefit and take the advice Bill and Kelly have for you.

I Hate Selling!

“I hate selling.” “Sales is not my favorite part of the job.” “I’m just not the sales type, so I have a difficult time putting myself out there. And yet, this is the only way I know to grow my business.”
These are statements most of us have said either to ourselves or out loud at one point or another but this is the only path to growth. Or is it?

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