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If you find you have a problem or situation that you don’t know how to solve, contact Print & Graphic Communications Association;  chances are we’ve had that problem before and can assist you in finding a solution. 


Managing a printing business is challenging on the best days. No matter how well-intentioned, often family and friends just don’t understand the issues you encounter with your printing business.


We do!  With decades of varied management level industry experience, you can count on Print & Graphic Communications Association for confidential, professional, unbiased advice and support on an incredible variety of topics. 

Member Ask a Member

Member to Member is an online forum to facilitates the exchange of information between members on key industry topics.

Here’s how it works!

  • Members-Only service
  • Members can submit a question to the PGCA staff via phone at (716) 691-3211 or email
  • Any relevant topic is fine
  • All questions and responses are confidential
  • All responses will be compiled into a PDF for distribution
  • Only companies responding to the initial question will receive an immediate copy of the responses
  • The compiled responses will be archived in the Members Only section of

Join the conversation! Send your questions to!

Short Attention Span Webinar Series

Hosted by Bill Farquharson and Kelly Mallozzi, these webinars are held on the second Thursday of each month and are free for PGCA members.
 Get more information and register for all upcoming webinars at  PGCA Members: login to the Member Resource Center to watch other Short Attention Span webinars!

Join the Sales Vault community and experience continuous sales growth.  PGCA members receive a discount on the monthly fee. Visit to find out more.  Every day you delay costs you sales!

We work with some wonderful people but there are some jerks out there as well. As it is not always a choice of whether to work with this less-than-desirable client, we must learn to deal with them. 

Would you trust someone who says, “Trust me!”? Then how do you prove to a prospective customer that you are trustworthy? You’ll need to know before your next sales new business call!

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For Employee or Business Issues or Industry Advocacy

Tim Freeman, Co-President
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Melissa Jones, Co-President
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Events, Communications,
Member Services

Kim Tuzzo
Marketing/Programs Director
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OSHA Compliance Issues 

Stephen Stankavage,
Director of Environmental, Health and Safety
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Group Buying Programs, RACG,
Accounts Payable/Receivable

Caroline Wawrzyniec
Office Support Manager
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