2023 Zenger “Community Service” Medal Nominations Open

Deadline: February 24, 2023, to be presented at 2023 Franklin Event, March 30, 2023

Print & Graphic Communications Association (PGCA), formerly Printing Industries Alliance, is seeking nominations for the 2023 Zenger Community Service Medal, to be presented at the 69th Annual Franklin Event on March 30, 2023, at The Lighthouse, Chelsea Piers, New York City.

The Zenger “Community Service” Medal is awarded to an individual employed in the graphic communications industry who has exhibited exemplary character in the form of charitable service, courage, or activism.  The recipient will be selected by the Franklin Event Committee, and a $1,000 contribution will be made to the 2018 Zenger Medal honoree’s charity of choice.

“The Zenger Medal honors those in our industry who inspire us to be more than we are and make not just our industry, but our communities a better place to live. Past Zenger Medal recipients have come from all walks of life, making this recognition in a sense a true ‘unsung hero’ award,” said Tim Freeman, Co-President, Print & Graphic Communications Association. Previous recipients include Michael Duggal (Duggal Visual Solutions), Louis Bradfield (Billboard/THR), Mark Darlow (GCSF), Angelina Killane-Sims (Highroad Press), and Dwight Vicks (Vicks).

Zenger Medal nominations may be made with a nomination form.

Deadline for nominations is February 24, 2023. Nominators or honorees are not required to be members of PGCA, but the award recipient must attend the event to receive the Zenger Medal. For more information, contact Kim Tuzzo, PGCA at (716) 691-3211 or kim@printcommunications.org.

For information on attending the Franklin Event, visit event page.  This year’s Event will honor Mariano Rivera, Yankee great, community leader and philanthropist, as the 2023 Recipient, Franklin Award for Distinguished Service.

“The award is not based on position or title. It is designed to recognize an employee at any level who meets the criteria listed, but who seldom, if ever, has received recognition for such exceptional public contribution by his or her professional peers,” noted PGCA Co-President Tim Freeman.

The Zenger Community Service Medal is named after the second most influential printer in American history. John Peter Zenger was a New York City printer whose arrest, imprisonment, trial, and acquittal in 1735 set the foundation for freedom of the press in Colonial America. The prestigious medal is engraved in Latin with the words “Non numinis, virtue parator” (“Not by money, but by virtue gained.”).

Tim Freeman, Co-President
Print & Graphic Communications Association
(716) 691-3211 | tim@printcommunications.org





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