How to Sneak Off on a Beautiful Summer’s Day

By Bill Farquharson, Sales Vault. Read Bill’s tip below or watch Bill here.

Good morning!

It’s the middle of July and the middle of the week. You are not in the office. It’s a workday, but it’s not a day that finds you working.

You are golfing.

You are sitting on a blanket with your significant other, napping after a great lunch.

You are fishing with your daughter.

And, best of all, you are guilt-free!

Let’s back up and study how this happened.

It is Saturday, January 13th at 12:20 PM ET. You don’t normally work Saturdays, but this month and the next two give you the opportunity to sneak in some extra long days and/or some time on the weekend to catch up and even get ahead on a few projects.

And why not? Looking outside, the weather is miserable. What else are you going to do?

The selling cycle being what it is, this extra work you are doing will result in increased sales three to six months from now.

OK, Fast forward…

It’s the middle of July and the middle of the week. Your phone chimes and you smile as you read a text:

“Want to get in a quick 9?”

“Meet me by the lake in 15 minutes.”

“Dad, when are we going to go fishing like you promised?”

You are able to go sans guilt because of something you did six months ago, on a miserable Saturday afternoon…

By the way, can you guess the date and time when I wrote this sales tip?


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