Are You Ready to Elevate? Then Join Us for ELEVATE print!

Are You Ready to Elevate? Then Join Us for ELEVATE print!

If you are ready to take print marketing, print sales, print applications, and the print industry to the next level, you are ready to ELEVATE print!

Print & Graphic Communications Association is pleased to partner with the Print Media Centr and Inkish to sponsor the upcoming, online, ELEVATE print event, scheduled for August 25-27, 2020 from 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM (Eastern Time), each day.

Daily sessions are jam packed with topics important to your printing business and presenters who are recognized experts in their field.

Check out the agenda, topics and presenters here!

Every day will feature a Special Event at Noon:

AUGUST 25 | 12:00 PM ET
Restarting Your Print Business
A conversation about innovation and thinking like a start-up to revitalize your business, and expand your opportunities.

Helene Blanchette, President, MyJane
Shuchi Sarkar, CMO, Pure Isolates
Deborah Corn, Print Media Centr

AUGUST 26 | 12:00 PM ET
Cultivating Collaboration and Trust
The future is not a noun, it’s a verb… something we actively create.

This presentation will focus on human potential and achievement… because technology is not the answer to everything. Technology is just one side of the coin. On the other side of the coin we find Creativity, a human quality that exists in every single one of us. If you want to increase your chances of success, collaboration is the key. And while this might sound easy, it’s not. Most collaborations fail. The problem can be boiled down to a couple of critical points. One of them is about diversity. Another is about trust.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to hear from the brilliant and transformative Tobias Degsell, Founder of Combiner, former Curator of the Nobel Prize Museum.

AUGUST 27 | 12:00 PM ET
Creating a Future for Print
Black Lives Matter has brought diversity and inclusion to the forefront of conversation in communities, corporations and classrooms. This panel discussion will cover how to objectively look at your business for inclusion improvements, and how to actively participate in creating a diverse and sustainable future for the print industry.

John Visentin, Vice-Chairman & CEO at Xerox
Joe Lindfeldt, Division President at DG3 – Diversified Global Graphics Group
Paul Nowak, Vice President, Enterprise Solutions at QUAD
Deborah Corn, Print Media Centr

Register now, show up if you can, don’t worry if you can’t. Registering guarantees you will get the session and event replay links emailed to watch at your convenience.  Register at

Tim Freeman, President
Print & Graphic Communications Association
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