Biggest Factor to a New Rep’s Success

By Bill Farquharson, Sales Vault. Read Bill’s tip below or watch Bill here.

Good morning!

To someone who is just starting their career in sales, I have this to say: Work hard…really, really, really hard.

The single biggest factor to your success comes down to the amount of effort you put into the job. In fact, this is true for all sales reps no matter where they are in their career, but new most of all.

Not everyone is a natural born salesperson. Not everyone walks into the office and is handed a book of business because a legacy sales rep just retired. And no one finds immediate success. That means you will need to get there through hard work, diligence, curiosity, and drive.

The cool thing is, others will offer to help because they see you putting in the time. Effort is always rewarded. Plus, I guarantee you can’t fail.

How can I guarantee?

Because it’s failure only if you don’t try your hardest.

As a new sales rep, take advantage of the endless number of suggestions found via YouTube videos and written content from guys like me. It’s free, and each clip or article is a piece to the puzzle. Sit with an existing sales rep and ask for advice. Find out what your franchise or trade association has available for training. And read books on sales, business, and human interactions (i.e., non business books, too).

Finally, when you are ready to hit the phones, emails, and streets, hit them hard. While you can learn a lot from the resources in that last paragraph, actual sales activity will be your best teacher.

See, here’s the thing: There is no such thing as a natural born salesperson. All of us need to earn our success. No matter your personality type, a market awaits you.

It’s up to you to find it. Get started.

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