Sales Tip for July 31: Success Leaves Clues

By Bill Farquharson, Sales Vault

As you read these words, someone is losing their job because he didn’t tap into the resources made available to him to overcome his sales challenges. Meanwhile, a young soon-to-be sales rep is taking a different approach. We can all learn from her in our quest for sales success. Check out this week’s Short Attention Span Sales Tip.  Read it below or watch Bill here.

Good morning!

As I write this tip, a guy I know is losing his job.

Why is he losing his job? I am sure there are several reasons but a big one is because he tried to solve problems on his own.

On the other end of the spectrum is Nicole. Nicole has a different philosophy. She figures it this way:

“Every sales challenge I have or will have has been solved by someone else.”

Nicole’s job title is Sales Support Specialist but she tells me she is headed into a sales role. Look at her LinkedIn profile and you will find screen shots of her conversations with industry influencers, successful print sales reps, and people she considers mentors.

Nicole taps into seemingly every available resource to learn more about what it will take to find success.

Over the course of your sales career, you will come across countless obstacles. Thinking with a creative, problem-solving mind and tapping into your network will bring you towards success faster.

There is nothing wrong with the phrase, “I don’t know.” That doesn’t mean you are a fool or a failure. But it is foolish to be afraid to ask for help.

Someone famous once said, “Success leaves clues.”

Who said that? I don’t know.* But I know someone who does…

*Tony Robbins


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