It’s Time to #thankaprinter

Take a few minutes to view the #thankaprinter video created by Deborah Corn of the Print Media Centre and Morten Reitoft, CEO of Inkish.TV. It makes you appreciate what those of us in the printing industry really do for our communities. Without printers, many of the things that the world takes for granted would not happen. No labels, single use menus, or signage, brochures, books, programs, mailings, credit cards, coupons, newspapers – the list is endless.

This video says as much and is a great promotional tool to put on your website, Facebook page, Twitter, LinkedIn and whatever else you have available to you to get this information out to the
public and let them know that Print has always been essential!

Please use the hashtag #thankaprinter when sharing the video on social media. The goal is to share outside the print community, to spread the word about print’s vital importance to daily life and the economy.

Tim Freeman, President
Print & Graphic Communications Association
office:  (716) 691-3211
cell: (716) 983-3826


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