NY Waiver Request Update

Last evening, the NYS Governor’s office finally released guidance and a waiver form for companies wishing to be designated as essential. The guidance contains a list of “essential manufacturing” which includes “Paper Products”

Essential manufacturing including:
• food processing, including all foods and beverages
• chemicals
• medical equipment/instruments
• pharmaceuticals
• safety and sanitary products
• telecommunications
• microelectronics/semi-conductor
• agriculture/farms
• paper products

It also contains a list of “Essential Services” which includes “Mail and Shipping Services”

Essential services including
• trash and recycling collection, processing and disposal
mail and shipping services
• laundromats/dry cleaning
• building cleaning and maintenance
• child care services
• auto repair
• warehouse/distribution and fulfillment
• funeral homes, crematoriums and cemeteries
• storage for essential businesses
• animal shelters or animal care or management

The full guidance can be seen here—

We are working to determine if we can advise members that they are covered by these exemptions. Based on the information requested by the state, we do not feel that a blanket exemption will fly but we will be submitting additional data in support of the industry later today.

In the interim, we would strongly advise members who wish to be declared exempt to make an individual application. Here is a link to do so.

Click here to download material we submitted to the state yesterday, there may be information you can use.

I am pleased to get on the phone with you if you have any questions. We can assist you on the waiver process or any legal questions you might have on all of the state and federal regulations that are being issued.

You can reach me via email at tfreeman@pia-backup.local, through our office phone below or on my cell (716) 983-3826.

Also, send me your state submission prior to submitting and I will review, if you want.


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