NYS Waiver Request – New Information

In follow up to this morning’s communication, we have developed some text for use in submitting waiver requests for your company. The text can be accessed here. Please note, this text needs to be edited to fit into your own specific circumstance, product etc. Here is the link for the waiver form;

We have been discussing this situation with various people this morning and have some additional input for you to consider. As previously mentioned, last night, the NYS Governor’s office published guidance on this issue with a list of “Essential Industries”. Here is a link to the full list:

There are a number of items on this list that printing firms regularly do including:

  • Paper Products
  • Mail and Shipping
  • Warehousing/Distribution and Fulfillment
  • News Media

Additionally, I have spoken with a multitude of companies who are engaged in printing for “Essential Businesses and Services”.

Every company should analyze their individual business operations against the list of “Essential Businesses” as outlined in the guidance and make a business decision regarding continuing to operate as is, complying with the Executive Order, or submitting a request for an individual exemption. We are not recommending one choice over the other, that is your decision based on your individual situation.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Tim Freeman, President
Print & Graphic Communications Association
(716) 691-3211


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