Print and Graphics Retirement Plan MEP

A MEP is a retirement plan for businesses that typically have a common interest but are not commonly owned or affiliated (such as members of the Print & Graphic Communications Association).

What Are the Benefits of MEPs?

1 – Administrative relief, as the MEP sponsor and a professional service team take over the majority of day-to-day tasks

2 – Reduced liability, as fiduciary support and most responsibility is assumed by professional plan administrators

3 – Ability for adopting employers to retain many of their customized plan features

4 – Support with investment selections and performance oversight

5 – Access to participant communications and plan education support

6 – Time savings for organizations by offloading many plan-related tasks

7 – Potential cost savings compared to operating a single employer plan

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Insurance Contacts

General Questions

Tim Freeman, President
(716) 691-3211

Gilroy Kernan & Gilroy

Andy Biernat, (315) 624-7819
Ross Kraft, (315) 624-2969
Sarah Armstrong, (315) 624-2964

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