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By Bill Farquharson, Sales Vault. Read Bill’s tip below or watch Bill here.

Good morning!

The very first Subway restaurant struggled. In fact, they almost went under.

Business was really down and had it not been for a radical idea, they might not be around today.

What did they do? They opened a second Subway restaurant.

But if the first one was sucking wind, why open another? Why? For the optics. They wanted people to think, “They must be good if they are opening a second one.”

And it worked. Today, there are 37,000 Subway restaurants all over the world.

Earlier today (a Monday), I called a doctor’s office to make an appointment. The receptionist said, “When do you want to come in. He is available all week.”

Wait, what?

Why is this guy so available? What’s wrong with him?

Now, I’ve been to this guy once before and had a great experience, but I am immediately suspect. Why? The optics. How good can he be if he available all week?

What about you? Do you present yourself as someone who is successful? Are you dressed to impress? Are your shoes shined? Is your car clean inside and out? Do you walk with an air of confidence, shaking hands vigorously while looking someone in the eye?

Optics. How do you look to a prospective customer?

Be someone who looks like a success. Act in a successful manner. Don’t think, “I’ll dress well when I sell more.” Think, “When I dress well, I will sell more.”

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