The New National Printing United Alliance:What Does That Mean for Print & Graphic Communications Association Members?

This week the Specialty Graphic Imaging Association (SGIA) and Print & Graphic Communications Association (PGCA), which formally merged on May 1st, announced the name of the new merged organization:PRINTING United Alliance

Membership in Print & Graphic Communications Association has historically included membership in Printing Industries of America so the question is, what does this merger mean for our regional organization, and its relationship with PRINTING United Alliance?

We have received phone calls from a few of our members with this question and how this new structure will work. First, Print & Graphic Communications Association is an independent organization and will continue to serve members just as it has been for many years. We are your connection to the local, regional, and national graphic communications industry. Print & Graphic Communications Association,  through our Board of Directors who are owners and managers just like you, sets our direction and determines the services that are meaningful and provide value to our members. The national merger is still very fresh and transition questions abound.  Many of the details are still being worked out and we will update you as soon as possible.

In the meantime, we continue to offer Print & Graphic Communications Association core services:

·        Human Resources and Employment Law Support

·        Environmental Health and Safety Support

·        Employee Benefits, Workers Compensation, and Business Insurance Programs

·        Group Buying Solutions

·        Print Drives America Foundation

·        Credit Services

·        Marketing Support

·        Education Programs and Training

·        Industry Advocacy

Historically and going forward, the vast majority of Print & Graphic Communications Association regional services have been management focused and relevant to all companies regardless of size or market served. Click here for more detailed information on Print & Graphic Communications Association Core Services.

In the meantime, please feel free to contact me at (716) 983-3826 or via email with your questions.

PRINTING United Alliance Board of Directors

The new PRINTING United Alliance board of directors reflects combined leadership from the previous SGIA and PIA boards of directors, and includes the following industry executives: Chairman of the Board Scott Crosby, Transcontinental Holland & Crosby; First Vice Chair Paul Cousineau, Dow Jones and Company, Inc.; Second Vice Chair Christopher Bernat, Vapor Apparel/Source Substrates LLC; Third Vice Chair Michael Marcian, Corporate Communications Group; Treasurer Dean DeMarco, IDL Worldwide; Secretary Brooke Hamilton, NPI; Immediate Past Chair Thomas Cooper III, WestRock; Chair of Chairmen’s Advisory Council Edward Cook, Jr., ECI Screen Print Inc.; Associate Vice Chair Scott Schinlever, Gerber Technology; and Ex Officio Ford Bowers, President and CEO, PRINTING United Alliance.

Directors-at-large include: Brian Adam, Olympus Group; Nick Buettner, American Cut and Sew; Roger Chamberlain, The Cincinnati Insurance Company; Kristen Danson, MitoGraphics Inc.; Chris Feryn, Premier Press; Kevin Gazdag, KG Graphics Décor; Bryan Hall, Graphic Visual Solutions; Lane Hickey-Wiggins, Douglass Screen Printers Inc. dba DPRINT; Brian Hite, Image Options; Michael Magerl, Trabon Group; Brent Moncrief, FUJIFILM; Joseph Olivo, Perfect Communications; Edward Pidcock, Chillybears; Heather Poulin, Ricoh USA; Timothy Saur, Durst Imaging Technology US LLC; Elaine Scrima, GSP Companies; Michael Wagner, Butler Technologies Inc.; and Joseph Lyman, President, Great Lakes Graphics Association, serving as representative for affiliates (such as Print & Graphic Communications Association).

You may note that Paul Cousineau from Dow Jones and Company, Inc. was installed as the Chair of national PIA last fall. In Paul’s current position, he will ascend to the Chairman of the PRINTING United Alliance Board in September. Further, Mike Marcian, Corporate Communications Group, former officer on the PIA Board is in line to become chairman of the board in three years.

Under the new national board structure, the country is divided into 5 regions each with a representative on the Board. The Northeast Region, including Print & Graphic Communications Association (New York State/Northern New Jersey/Northwestern Pennsylvania), is represented by Joe Olivo, Perfect Communications (Moorestown NJ). The Northeast region also consists of PIA affiliates representing Pennsylvania/ Southern New Jersey/Delaware (GAA), Maine/Massachusetts/New Hampshire/Vermont/Rhode Island/Connecticut(PINE), Maryland/Virginia(PGAMA), and Ontario (OPIA).

As noted, the merger is in its infancy and there is much to be done to implement the transition. It will take some time to work-out the kinks and address the myriad of items unaddressed during the planning stages. We thank you in advance for your patience and welcome your questions or comments.


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