Use the PGCA Legislative Action Center to Tell Congress About Your Company’s Supply Chain Issues

Our country’s ongoing supply chain problems are well known and impacting most of the American economy. What isn’t recognized are the supply chain issues the printing industry is having, primarily with paper supply. Paper supplies used for printing, packaging and mail are stretched very thin, jeopardizing thousands of American manufacturing jobs. What also needs to be recognized is the threat that these shortages pose to the broader United States economy. Printing is an integral part of most of our economy and a variety of service and manufacturing companies rely on print as a cornerstone of their ability to operate. The shortage of paper used for communication, packaging, labels, etc. will impede the ability of these companies to provide a service or bring a product to market.

Use the Print & Graphic Communications Association Legislative Action Center to tell Congress about your company’s supply chain issues.  A sample letter has been prepared, and you are welcome to use it as is or add personal details about your company’s challenges.  Click here to send a letter. 

Contact me at or (716) 691-3211 with any questions.

Tim Freeman, President
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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