5 Ways to a Better Presentation Sales Call

By Bill Farquharson, Sales Vault – Read Bill’s Sales Tip or scroll down to watch the video
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I admit it: I am a snob when it comes to public speaking. Because it is something I do for a living, it’s hard for me not to critique and be a tough audience.

Oh, and I am also a travel snob. I mean, how tough is it to get on the plane, put a bag up top, and sit down? Really, people?

After listening to several presentations in a row recently, I started making a list of what it takes to deliver a good speech. I offer it here because I believe there’s a parallel between good speeches and good sales calls.

In this week’s tip, I am going to make 5 points.

Point #1:

At the onset of your presentation/sales call, say something like, “I’m going to make 5 points.” It sets expectations and tells people how long they need to pay attention.

Point #2:

Write and think and speak in outline form: Think “Major point, minor point, minor point. Major point, minor point, minor point.

Point #3:

If you get nothing else out of this week’s sales tip, hear this: When you get to a really important point, say something like, “If there is nothing else you get from this presentation, hear this.”

Point #4:

Don’t read your slides. They should be used as a guide, not a home for your every word.

Point #5:

Be anecdotal, but keep them short, make sure they make the point. Make sure they are not boastful.

The hardest presentation you give will be the first time you give it. The second time you present it is infinitely easier. So, practice!

To summarize, help the audience to listen, set their expectations, and set up your key points.

Oh, and summarize at the end!

Have a great selling week.

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