Sales Tip for the Week of June 19th

By Bill Farquharson, Sales Vault – Read this week’s tip below and sign up for the July Short Attention Span Webinar, “Sales Fatigue, Burnout, and Reset”, July 13th at 11:30 am

Good morning!

Quick list of what I and everyone I know wants:

  • More sales/Better sales
  • Tighter abs
  • Better short game (golf), service game (tennis), dinking game (Pickleball)

And on and on…

And then there’s new business.

There are, by my count, seven steps to creating a plan for new business (I know because I sat and thought about it for a recent Sales Vault workshop), but the first one is perhaps the most important:

Second level motivation.

Simply put, you need to not only know WHY you will put in the work it’s going to take to generate new business, but WHY you will keep going when you hit the inevitable wall.

First, what’s your motivator to get started?

Is it money?

Did you just lose a big account?

Are you simply goal-oriented and you want to get to the next level?

See, here’s the thing: Everyone starts out all fired up. But as Mike Tyson famously said, “We all have a plan until we get punched in the face.”

Your punch in the face might be:

  • The “I have no time today” excuse, or
  • Procrastination, or
  • You get busy with existing accounts, or…whatever.

You might have the first level of motivation; the one that gets you going. But it’s that second level that kicks in on those days when you just don’t want to.

You ARE going to get interrupted.

You ARE going to get distracted.

You ARE going to lose momentum.

Plan for that day ahead of time. Come up with a strategy for defeating the obstacles. Very few of us are self-motivated enough to make this a non-issue.

I mean, the number one yard sale item is home exercise equipment.

What’s going to get you going? What’s going to keep you going?


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