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Company Culture Brief


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Company culture is a crucial aspect of a business’s success. Culture refers to the shared values, beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors that characterize an organization’s work environment. A strong company culture can have a significant impact on various aspects of a company, including employee engagement, productivity, and retention. Here are some reasons why company culture is important:

  • Attracts and retains top talent
  • Improves employee engagement
  • Boosts employee productivity and creativity
  • Enhances customer experience
  • Builds brand reputation
  • Fosters employee resilience and adaptability
  • Encourages employee innovation and risk-taking
  • Builds employee trust and loyalty

Company Culture Brief Webinars are quick, powerful programs (15-20 minutes) followed by as much Q+A time as you need. You can stay just for the presentations or take a deeper dive and ask some questions. Company Culture Briefs will be held on the second Tuesday of every month.

About the Presenter:
Kelly Mallozzi is the president of Success In Print. She is active in Girls Who Print, an expert in LinkedIn for sales reps, and a frequent presenter for our sister Associations. Kelly’s Total Sales Transformation is an intensive program to give your sales and employee engagement efforts a shot of adrenaline. Find Kelly through


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