Strategic Risk Management Fundamentals-An 8 Part GKG University Course


9:00 am - 12:00 pm

PGCA’s insurance partner, Gilroy Kernan & Gilroy (GKG) presents their 8 monthly session, Strategic Risk Management Fundamentals course beginning in October. Led by GKG’s President, Larry Gilroy, along with David Lyman (Risk Manager) and Peter Miller (Director of Client Strategy-Risk Management),  this course will provide participants with:

  1. An increased familiarity with the fundamentals of strategic Risk Management;
  2. The skills and ability to create an effective action plan for your own organization; and
  3. A robust network of Risk Management and Safety resources;
  4. A comprehensive understanding of the various elements of “Safety” and “Risk Management” as well as the foundational approach/philosophy that lends itself to every Risk Management program regardless of size, cost, industry, etc.

This course is open to any professional in the Safety/Risk Management field looking to add value to their organization through formal training and an increased familiarity with those best practices. PGCA members can participate at the GKG client tuition rate of $2,500.00.  Download the details – Strategic Risk Management Fundamentals Overview.

To participate, complete the application and submit to Jamie Critelli at or call 315-624-7837.
(Application deadline is October 11th).


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