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Book Arts is one of WNY’s most distinctive cultural institutions–a working museum dedicated to printing and book-related media and an incubator of artistic growth and exploration. Printing Partners, Book Arts’ signature outreach program provides youth most directly impacted by economic inequity with free, hands-on, neighborhood-based arts education workshops. Printing Partners is so beloved by the community that attendance grows by more than 25% each year, and that figure only continues to rise in the age of COVID-19.

Since most of these workshops are now conducted virtually, Book Arts provides each child with their own supply kit to empower them to participate from home; all printers know you can’t learn the craft without the right tools, and many of our students don’t even have access to the basics like scissors and glue sticks. However, equipping each child with everything from bone folders and brayers to colored pencils and sharpeners has dramatically increased Book Arts’ costs to operate Printing Partners – so much so that many children are on a waitlist hoping to be selected for the next season of classes; enough to fill our entire next round!

By making a gift of supplies to Book Arts, you will ensure we can continue serving our community with opportunities like Printing Partners – which are consistently proven to build resilience, empathy, and critical thinking skills – by providing critical resources needed to sustain our unique Book Arts magic.

We can’t do it without you. Please know that when you give to Book Arts, you help families keep going, keep hoping, keep PRESSING ON!

Book Arts has assembled an Amazon wish list.

The way this works is: people browse the wish list, add items to their Amazon cart like any other transaction (they can choose quantities for each item; if 5 are requested, they could still just purchase 1), decide if they want to ship it directly to Book Arts or to themselves if they prefer to bring in the items personally, and once our need is filled the item will be removed from the list. It is kind of like a bridal registry, but for art supplies!

Individuals or companies can spend $10, $100 or $1,000, whatever is in their budget.  PIA has purchased the scissors, but there are plenty of items left!  The goal is to have these supplies purchased before the end of 2020.

Take a minute to browse the wish list and consider making a gift of supplies so Book Arts can continue to supply students with the items they need to participate in these workshops.  Any questions, contact me or Nicole Cooke, Executive Director of Book Arts. Thanks for your help!

Kim Tuzzo
Marketing/Programs Director
Print & Graphic Communications Association
(716) 691-3211








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