Benefits of Direct Mail Marketing

As marketers, we’re always asking the question “How can my message be heard?” or, better yet, “How can my message be heard by the right people?”  Today, brands are constantly competing for a piece of their target audience’s attention.  Together, direct mail and digital media cannot only reach a targeted portion of your audience, but when the two mediums work together a brand’s message increases its reach and frequency and ultimately increases the number of people who respond to the communication.

Using direct mail to send relevant messages to a targeted portion of your core audience allows you to break through digital clutter and ensure your message is being read and responded to by your audience.

Direct Mail is Targeted.
Using direct mail allows you to break down your audience into like-minded subgroups and send relevant and personalized messages to only a portion of your audience.  Even if you do not have a database or your database is incomplete, you can still work with the post office to send geographically and demographically relevant messages to certain people in relevant area codes.  By adding a QR code or pURL, you can not only further engage your audience, but also build a stronger database for future follow up communication between brand and consumer.

Direct Mail is tangible.

Direct mail allows you to physically place your message in your customers’ hands and encourage interaction.   The most recent DMA studies have shown that eight out of ten households read and spend time with the mail they receive from brands.  When you couple the tangibility of direct mail with the power of a personalized message, you can make an unforgettable impression by incorporating elements that actively involve the customer, from QR codes to pURLs to coupons or even samples!

Direct Mail is trackable and measurable.
Direct mail gives you the ability to track the success of your campaign by simply recording the inquiries you receive as a result of your direct mailing or tracking the number of coupons redeemed by consumers. By tracking and analyzing your results, you’ll see what’s working and can make adjustments to future mailings if needed.  In addition, adding technology such as QR codes and pURLs, enables you to track exactly what a recipient is clicking on and what content they are spending the most time with.

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