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Recently, print has been in direct line of fire when it comes to the accusation of “not being green”, but when you take a look at the facts you will find the print and paper industry are being wrongfully accused.

Today we are sharing with you facts about the print industry’s real impact on the environment, and with the help of, we found some pretty interesting evidence that shows print is not what it seems when it comes to the environmental impacts.

Below are some of the facts we would like to share with you:

The first fact is interesting in regards to what the trees are actually used for once they are harvested.  While 58 percent of the harvested trees are used for energy only 11 percent of those trees are used to create paper.

The second fact is that many trees are actually grown as a crop.  Just like corn, wheat or any other product that can be grown and once they’re harvested, the farmers replant trees.

The third fact is based on the second.  If people did not use trees in the same or similar quantities as they are today, the people who grow (and replant) the trees would cease to have a business.  Without mentioning the implied economic facts, the environmental issue here is that there would still be some need for trees and instead of going to the tree farms, people may turn to forests.

The forth fact is based on the accusation that to make paper you must burn a lot of energy.  To make any product, energy is going to be used, but can all products say they use their recycled product as 1/3 of their energy source;  while another 1/3 comes from the excess wood chips and fiber?  The paper industry can.

Finally, the fifth fact is plan and simple.  Paper is a renewable resource.  Unlike computers and other digital resources, paper can be easily recycled and reused.


Overall, the truth of the matter is, any product you use and any action you take, will have its environmental impacts on the world.  It comes down to a matter of being responsible and thoughtful when you do use products – both paper and digital.  So don’t forget to turn off your computer at night and recycle your paper products.


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