Combining Print & Digital Media

By combining the power of print with digital media you’re able to generate more interest in your brand through extended consumer engagement and by increasing the message’s reach and frequency.  Quick Response codes, or QR codes, are an excellent way to bridge the gap between your print and digital message.  By simply scanning a code with a Smartphone, your user can continue to engage with your brand via an online landing page associated with your product or service.

As the popularity of Smartphones increase, so does the popularity of QR codes.  Since 2011, QR codes usage has grown exponentially and continues to increase (Mobio Report.) Additionally, in a Chadwick Martin Bailey study of over 1,200 U.S. adults, half of them reported scanning a QR code with their phone and about 20 percent of those people who scan the code have made a purchase.

The content of your landing page is key.  The Chadwick Martin Bailey study results showed that of the respondents who scanned a QR code, over 40 percent believe the information proved useful, while 18 percent said they did not think the information was worth the scan.  It’s extremely important to generate content that is relevant to your printed content and, when possible, relevant to the individual scanning the 2D barcode.  Personalized QR code landing pages can be included on direct mail pieces, helping to increase engagement between your brand and the consumer.

But what makes a person scan a code in the first place?  While every person in your target audience is unique, studies show that the main reason a person will scan a code is to redeem a discount, coupon or special offer.  This is followed closely by people who said they are looking for additional information on the product or service discussed in the printed material.

Quick Response Codes help to bridge the gap between your printed message and your digital communication.  By connecting the two mediums together you’re able to generate more engagement between the customer and your brand.

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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