Direct Mail is Environmentally Conscious

Yesterday, we discussed how the production of print and paper products is a green process — from using recycled energy to forest management — the print and paper industry continues to prove to be environmentally conscious.

DMA studies show that direct mail is read by over 85 percent of it’s recipients and that 55 percent of those people take the time to recycle it after they’ve used or read the mailer. Additionally, only about two percent of waste produced in the U.S. is generated because of non-recycled direct mail.  This small percentage is projected to be reduced as more and more people are aware of the importance of recycling their mail.

Another reason that some say the amount of direct mail will be reduced is because of database management.  Over one forth of marketers are using database management and Variable Data Printing to produce their direct mail pieces, because of this, there is a substantially smaller amount of mail being sent out.

These targeted messages benefit the consumers, the marketers and the environment because instead of the environmentally and economically inefficient method of “Spray and Pray” where marketers use mass mailings to reach a large number of households who may or may not be interested in their message, marketers are using more targeted and smaller portions of their core audience to reach out to with relevant messages.

Direct mail is environmentally conscious and it is an effective and beneficial way to reach out to interested consumers.

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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