Direct Mail Statistics

A Pitney Bowes survey of over 1,500 U.S. adult residents helps to give insight as to what types of preferences and attitudes people have about direct mail marketing.  The survey results show that having content printed on the front of the envelope on a direct mailer is extremely important to the customer and is a strong influencer of whether or not your recipient will choose to open your message or not.

Additionally, if you’re sending a postcard style mailer than it is important to consider something that does not conform to the convention of rectangular shaped mailings.  By doing so, you’re ensuring your mailing will stand out from the rest.

If you are using an envelope, what type of content should be printed on the front? According to the survey, respondents were almost 70 percent more likely to open a mailing when there was color text and graphics on the front.

While having text and graphics on the front of a mailer helped to increase open rates, having information printed on the back of an envelope was shown to be much less enticing and influential in the decision process for the recipient.  Almost 60 percent of the people surveyed in the Pitney Bowes survey reported that they did not even take notice to what was printed on the back of the envelope.

Again, content remains king.  If a recipient receives an envelope with ‘teaser text’ that is not relevant to them or a uniquely shaped postcard with a message that’s unimportant to them, while they may take notice of the piece, they’re not going to act on the message.   Using a combination of appropriately relevant messages and unique designs, your message will get read and responded to.

Timothy Freeman
Print & Graphic Communications Association


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