Direct Mail Success

As more and more digital marketing messages are being sent out, there seems to be fewer print and direct mail messages sent.  Because of this, there is a great opportunity for print and direct mail;  the recipient’s attention is less divided and they’re able to give your message more of their time.

With email, you’re lucky when the person takes the time to open, view and read your email message, conversely, with print your message is delivered directly to their hands.  Over 80 percent of people who receive direct mail, will at the very least, take the time to skim over the message.

While the number of people who open and read email has decreased over the last ten years, the number of people who open and read their direct mail has increased.

Because of variable data printing and consumer databases, direct mail can be highly personalized and targeted.   VDP and database management enable you to send a message that is relevant to your recipient and by sending relevant messages you will also see an increased response rate and higher return on investments.

Direct mail allows you to create and send targeted, relevant and unique messages to individual segments of your target audience.  Additionally, direct mail enables your brand to be customer centric.  In today’s marketing and communications landscape it is no longer about the brand, it’s about how the consumers’ benefit from your brand.

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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