Strategies for Growth: Attract, Engage and Retain Employees and Clients – A Virtual Workshop Series


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Dr. Kent Wessinger of Retention Partners, presents this EXCLUSIVE virtual workshop series in conjunction with PGCA’s mission to help businesses grow.

This six-part workshop series will help participants solve their company’s current workforce crisis, achieve their company’s growth goals, and develop a relevant strategy that will create a secure culture that will attract top talent, engage employees and clients, and retain their current workforce. Workshops will defuse assumptions about millennials, the largest group in the workforce today, with facts, discuss examples of real-life implementation, and provide clear paths to achievable growth goals.

Workshop content is designed in a progressive manner so we suggest that participants begin at week 1 and continue through week 6 to gain the most information and knowledge. Workshops are scheduled once per month from 1:00 pm to 2:00 pm with 45 minutes of educational content and 15 minutes for discussion and questions. Microsoft Teams will be used for virtual workshops, breakout sessions, questions, and file uploads. When participants register, they will be sent the Teams link. A staff member will be moderating each workshop in case of technical problems.

March 14 – Millennials – Threat or the Greatest Opportunity? During this week, participants will discuss the varying opinions of whether millennial employees and clients are either a threat to a company or an opportunity for growth. Content will utilize facts to firmly position companies to be benefactors of the opportunity.

April 11: Recruiting Strategies – This week will answer two important questions: why are businesses struggling to attract talent, and how do they successfully make the shift from recruiting to attracting top talent. Content will identify reasons for the struggle and provide key structural components for attraction.

May 5: Employee Engagement – Only 4% of all companies have an informed strategy to engage employees, leaving 96% to foster an environment where a paycheck is the only motivator, both for staying and for leaving. This week’s content will provide essential elements that companies need to execute in order for employees to fully engage in the purpose and mission of the company.

June 13: Employee Retention – During this week, participants will look at how their company’s sustainable growth and competitive leverage are contingent on solving retention issues. Content will look at the data showing how only 16% of all companies have a cognizant tactic to retain millennial employees. Participants will leave with three strategies that will increase retention rates by 63% in one year.

July 11: Millennial Clients: Do They Matter?  – This week delves into effective procedures for attracting millennial clients and how companies can adopt those procedures. Participants will systematically construct benchmarks that will secure the growth of their company into the next generation.

August TBD: New Streams of Revenue – During this final week, participants will learn ways to help their companies effectively utilize their employees to develop new streams of revenue. Content will cover how to create and implement a blueprint for developing new streams of revenue that keep companies relevant in their marketplace.

Program sponsored by PINE (Printing Industries of New England).



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