Important Message for Print & Graphic Communications Association Members on National Affiliation

Thank you for your membership over the past year. We know how difficult it has been for our industry and we are appreciative of the support your company has provided. As a valued member, we wanted to update you on an important development.

Effective March 28, 2021, Print & Graphic Communications Association will be ending our contractual relationship with Printing United Alliance (PrUA). Your Board of Directors has evaluated the service offerings and planned future direction of Printing United Alliance and while we support the concept of a united industry, we believe that the stated future direction is not in the long-term best interests of our Print & Graphic Communications Association membership.

In January, our Executive Committee participated in a presentation with PrUA President, Ford Bowers. In it, Bowers outlined the future direction of PrUA; a direction that we believe, if accepted, would quickly eliminate the local services, industry connection, networking, and value that is the core of our relationship with our members. Additionally, the proposal called for a “commodification” of services offered across the country through the various regional affiliates. This means the services our members need here in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania, to address our active anti-employer state agencies, ongoing union concerns, and anti-business legislatures, would be eliminated as they are not considered as important in other parts of the country. The demands would also require ceding our decision-making capability, revenue, and investments to PrUA for use on general industry projects.

Simply stated, the Printing United Alliance demands would end most, if not all, of the service capabilities, programs and value that Print & Graphic Communications Association membership brings to your company. As such, the Print & Graphic Communications Association Board of Directors has unanimously voted to reject the demands and end our relationship with PrUA.

This decision was not made lightly. While an analysis of our members utilization of national services shows little or no interest in most services currently offered through PrUA, there are programs of value offered, including Environmental Health and Safety Services, National Level Government Affairs and Advocacy, and Economic Reports and Benchmarking.

Steps are already being taken to replace and even enhance such services, with some exciting announcements scheduled for the next several weeks. In addition, Print & Graphic Communications Association has partnered with a sister organization, the Graphic Arts Association (GAA), and is working closely with our existing network of regional affiliates to share services and achieve economies of scale.

You have our pledge of a redoubled effort to continually search for ways that we can support your company and bring additional value to your membership. As always, we encourage you to connect with Print & Graphic Communications Association first, with all of your business and industry questions and concerns.

We have advised PrUA of our concerns and our decision to end our relationship. Our stated philosophy, “Stand For, Not Stand Against” will be carried forward as we “Stand For” our industry with the collaboration and communications that you will see from Print & Graphic Communications Association.


Please take a minute to download and review the 2021 Member Solutions Catalog and a Quick Reference Guide to Essential Services that provide an overview of the services available through your Print & Graphic Communications Association membership and our new collaboration with GAA. We hope you will take the opportunity to consider the programs and services available. Updates will be published over the next several weeks as our service menu evolves.

Please do not hesitate to contact Tim Freeman at or (716) 691-3211 if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you again for your membership and support of Print & Graphic Communications Association.

Print & Graphic Communications Association Executive Committee

Kathie Hartmans, Chairwoman
Tim Freeman, President
Glen Boehmer, Vice Chair
Dave Carver, Treasurer
Adam Avrick, Secretary


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