Interactive Print for B2B Audiences

QR codes help to bridge the gap between a printed message and a brand’s digital communication, but is there a place for QR codes in Business to Business Marketing? Today, we’re looking into whether or not B2B markets are the right markets for QR codes.

The top reason B2B recipients scan a QR code is actually the same reason B2C recipients will scan a code — to redeem a special offer or discount (  In addition, since December of 2011 there’s been a 157 percent increase in B2B QR code scans.

But, the question still remains, do QR codes have a place in B2B marketing?  Eighty-two percent of executives own Smartphones and 49 percent of C-level executives conduct searches on their mobile devices (Dec. 2012 study) Smartphones, for the B2B audience, are used as mobile computers, which are within hand’s reach 24/7 and QR codes give this audience easy access to your mobile content.  Making QR codes a valuable resource for a B2B recipient to transfer from your offline message to your online digital landing page.

Just as with B2C markets, it is important to remember to explain what your user will get when they scan your QR code, because the B2B audiences’ time is limited.  On your printed message should be a description or a tagline that gives the recipient insight to what lies within the 2D barcode.  Most people are no longer driven by simple curiosity with QR codes, they want to know what they’re going to get in return for giving your brand more of their time.

Consider using QR codes in your B2B marketing tactics when you send a direct mail piece to your clients.  Your clients are busy — including an easy way to interact, engage and respond to your brand’s message is one of the only ways they’ll choose to actually engage with your message.

Considering all of these facts, QR codes certainly have a place in the B2B marketplace and enable your brand to have an increased engagement rate between your message and its target audience.

Timothy Freeman


Print & Graphic Communications Association


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